Phone: 918-342-5911
Time: 8:30am-3:30pm
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Need a day's respite from the challenges of life? Join us for a peaceful, fun, fiber filled learning experience.
A three day class; from 8:30 am - 3:30 pm daily; participants may stay until 5:30 if additional time is needed. Each participant will make & take home several products every day
Classes may be virtual or on site
Cost: for one day is $74; for all 3 days is $179; materials included.
Bring a sack lunch each day; we provide beverages.
Day 1: Wet Wool Fiber Processing Day Retreat 
Wash - Dye - Wet Felt
Students will learn basic wool washing and dying, as well as wet felting. Each participant will make & take home a wool ball, a felted trivet, and a 3-D felted project.
Day 2: Dry Wool Fiber Processing Day Retreat
Drop Spindle - Spin - Card - Pick
Students learn how to work with dry fiber in the arts using hand cards, hand picks, swing pick, box pick, drum carder and a blending board as well as use of the drop spindle and spinning wheel. Each participant will make and take home hand spun yarn and rolags, punis or nests.
Day 3: Finished Fiber Day Retreat
Weaving - Needle Felting
Students will learn basic weaving on an inkle loom and needle felting. Each participant will make and take home a woven coaster, a woven sash, a needle felted coaster, a needle felted ornament and a needle felted 3-D ornament.

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