The Price Tower opens Frank Lloyd Wright Journey to the Prairie exhibit, bringing a new experience to the art of storytelling in the gallery.

The exhibit immerses guests into the life and career of Frank Lloyd Wright from his youth
to the realization of his first and only skyscraper, the Price Tower. Featuring interactive
stations such as a leaded “glass” lit table, a lincoln log room, and a recreation of the
Taliesin West studio in Arizona, the exhibit offers an educational learning experience for
the entire family. The Virtual Reality Experience takes guests on a virtual journey across
the globe to visit places like the Guggenheim in New York, or simply be immersed into
your own creative art space with a Tilted Brush application.
A gem to be treasured, it will offer guests a refreshing art experience to enjoy time and
again. This is definitely a must-do for summer agendas. For details or to get a
membership at the Price Tower, please call 918-336-4949 or visit
WHAT: Frank Lloyd Wright’s Journey to the Prairie
WHEN: June 2 through August 27.

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