The 2018 Oklahoma Freewheel Tour Across Oklahoma

The 2018 Freewheel bicycle tour will start June 10, 2018 in Elk City,OK and conclude June 16, 2018 in Joplin, MO.
The theme for this year's tour was announced in June of 2017. Route 66 will be the theme of the 2018 tour and is inspiring the design of the 2018 OK Freewheel jersey and t-shirt. With the goal of highlighting and celebrating the history of Route 66, the riders will use most of U.S. Route 66, except through Oklahoma City and Edmond, to make their way from Texas to Missouri. U.S. Route 66 is designated by the State of Oklahoma as the “Historic Route 66 Bicycle Route”.
Oklahoma Freewheel participants will be treated to a mostly west to east route across the central
portion of Oklahoma. On June 10th riders will start their weeklong tour in Elk City, OK. Located
about 40 miles east of the Texas/Oklahoma border, Elk City is home to the National Route 66
Museum. From Elk City, riders will take Route 66 to Weatherford, OK. Weatherford is home to The
Hartland Museum and the Stafford Air & Space Museum.
From Weatherford, the riders will pedal along Route 66 to El Reno, OK. Known as the birthplace of
the Fried-Onion Burger, El Reno offers many options to get your Fried-Onion Burger fix. From El
Reno, cyclist will take Route 66 before being diverted around Oklahoma City. Cyclist will then join
back with Route 66 to visit Pop’s Soda House and the historic Round Barn in Arcadia on their way to
Luther, OK. Luther is the smallest Host Town of 2018 and home to the annual Luther Pecan Festival.
From Luther, cyclist will continue on Route 66 to the historic town of Bristow, OK. Bristow, known as
the Woodland Queen of the Creek Nation, is home to multiple historic Route 66 attractions. Russ’
Ribs of Bristow is known as the best barbeque joint on Route 66.
From Bristow, participants will take Route 66 through Tulsa on their way to Catoosa, OK. Catoosa is
home to the Blue Whale of Catoosa and many other iconic Route 66 sites. From Catoosa, cyclist will
continue along Route 66 on their way to Miami, OK. Pronounced my-AM-ə, Miami is home to the
historic Coleman Theatre and the former Miami Marathon Oil Company service station. The last day
of the tour takes riders from Miami to the finish in Joplin, MO. Along the way, riders will pass into
Kansas and get to pass over Brush Creek using the iconic Rainbow Bridge near Baxter Springs, KS.
Once in Joplin, many riders will continue touring historic Route 66 with the Big BAM ride across
The participants of Oklahoma Freewheel will travel around 420 miles to complete the 2018 crossstate
bicycle tour.

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