Pawnee Hosts “Old-Time Saturday Night” on August 3

Organizers suggest you “get your motor running and get out on the highway” on August 3rd for Old-Time Saturday Night in downtown Pawnee. “The roar of engines fills the air as gearheads bring machines that they have spent all year tweaking, fixing, riding, and restoring for Pawnee’s summer celebration of Americana,” said Tom Briggs, manager of the Pawnee Chamber of Commerce.
“In Pawnee, locals grew up spending weekend nights on the square where they would check out the scene and show off their rides,” said Pawnee Mayor Brad Sewell.  “Bikes, cars, trucks or whatever you had, you made the best of it and brought it to town to show your friends.”
Over the years, Main Street Cruze night gave way to other, hi-tech activities as younger generations came of age, but enduring memories of great times led Doc Henderson and a few like-minded locals to organize Pawnee’s annual Cruze-In around the historic downtown square, Sewell explained.
“Pawnee’s event is different from most car shows because it focuses on the Cruze-in where people ride or drive to town and park their Cruze-In ride in reserved spots available first-come, first-serve along downtown streets, Briggs said.  “The streets are blocked off from regular traffic for safety and to make sure every vehicle in view is something special,” Briggs explained.
“Old-Time Saturday Night has a pre-registration available, however it is not required. At registration, exhibiters receive two free rodeo tickets for next week’s rodeo.”
“Motorcycles standing in front of the giant Dick Tracy statue and in front of First National Bank, along with the Jeep Corral in the Armstrong Bank parking lot draw lots of attention,” Briggs said. The festivities begin at 5 p.m. on August 3.
“People bring everything to Old-Time Saturday Night from rare classics to modern customs covering almost 100 years of motoring and customizing history,” Sewell said. “When participating vehicles have filled the parking spaces, staff lines them up in the middle of the street.
“A classic Corvette or Shelby Mustang might sit beside an old pickup handed down for generations, and the variety brings a wide range of people together in their shared love of the road. Cars and bikes keep coming all evening, so visitors always have something new to see,” he said.
“The vehicles help set the scene, but people make it complete. Live music provided by the JD Brower Band, a makeshift dance floor on the brick pavement brings a festive atmosphere to those checking out the cars and bikes,” Briggs said.
 A barbecue cook-off earlier that day means plenty of pulled-pork sandwiches and a plate-full of sides. Food and other vendors along with Pawnee’s specialty stores will be serving visitors during the evening event.
“With visitors mingling with friends and meeting new people with shared interests, the car culture grows right along with the legend of Old-Time Saturday Night,” Briggs added.
“Many in Oklahoma and Kansas consider it a must-see event. If you’re looking for an excuse to have a good time on an early August night, you’ve just found it,” Briggs said.
 Check out the Facebook page, Old Time Saturday Night, or call the Pawnee Chamber of Commerce at 918-762-2108 for more information.

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