Pawnee Celebrates Dick Tracy’s Birthday and Art on the Square, Oct. 6th

Everyone is invited to a birthday party celebrating Dick Tracy and Art on the Square on Saturday, October 6th, in Pawnee.
          Dick Tracy Celebration honors “the world’s greatest cartoon detective on his 87th birthday,” according to Tom Briggs, Chamber of Commerce manager.
Although Dick Tracy never really lived in Pawnee or anywhere except on the comic strip pages created by cartoonist Chester Gould, he lives on in Pawnee. And for good reason—Gould was born in this northeastern Oklahoma town in 1900.
            In fact, Pawnee boasts a museum showcasing the native son’s character, the town hero. “We have one of the largest Dick Tracy collections in the world,” said Briggs.
            Dick Tracy is celebrated every year by residents and visitors alike. This year is the 87nd year of his creation in 1931. For the last 19 years or so, according to Briggs, people have come together for a day of fun-filled activities.
            This year will be bigger and better with the added attraction of Art on the Square and the Firemen’s game.
“These are wonderful events to attend,” Briggs said. “With all of the activities, there is something for everyone to enjoy.”
Celebrate the detective’s birthday and enjoy all of the events of the day:
·        Art on the Square for all to enjoy
·        Heroes and Villains Costume and Art Contest
·        Police Parade at 10:00 with lots of Police Cars
·        9th Annual Pawnee County Firefighter Games
·        Specialty Stores for shopping
·        Kids Games
·         Historical Museum / The Dick Tracy Headquarters  
·        Enjoy the birthday party at the Museum, featuring yellow cupcakes
·        In the evening, enjoy a Murder Mystery and Dinner at the Buffalo Theater
Dick Tracy was first drawn to life in 1931 on the front page of the comic section of the Detroit Newspaper. In the 1940s, according to Briggs, a teenage survey of the world’s most popular people named Tracy as number one, with Bing Crosby following as second and the president of the United States as number three.
Gould kept his detective on the job for 46 years without a vacation. The cartoonist died in 1985.
The Dick Tracy Birthday Celebration is sponsored by Grand River Dam Authority, EnBridge, the City of Pawnee, the Pawnee Chamber of Commerce, the Pawnee County Historical Society and Museum, and the Pawnee Police Department.
The Pawnee County Historical Museum and Dick Tracy Headquarters is located at 513 Sixth Street, Pawnee, Oklahoma 74058. For more information, call 918.762.4681 

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