The Muskogee War Memorial Park: Home of the USS Batfish, Oklahoma’s only submarine, is hosting the Tolling of the Boats. The Tolling of the Boats is a ceremony dedicated to 65 lost United States submarines. The Tulsa & Oklahoma City chapters of the United States Submarine Veterans Incorporated (USSVI) will be on hand to honor each lost submarine by tolling a ship’s bell and announcing the name of the lost submarine. After each toll, members of the USSVI will place flags on each designated submarine’s memorial post. The Muskogee War Memorial Park displays one of only four submarine memorials dedicated to each submarine lost pre-World War II, World War II, and post-World War II. The memorial, at over 400 sq. ft., honors over 3,505 lost sailors who paid the ultimate price for the nation’s freedom.

 “Hosting the Tolling of the Boats allows our museum to educate the public about the cost of submarine warfare in American history. Dubbed, The Silent Service, the submarine service did their job too well. Most individuals do not realize that nearly 1 in 5 submariners in World War II perished during the conflict. Hosting the Tolling of the Boats allows our visitors a chance to witness a ceremony that is traditionally held in a different environment, not typically in a landlocked state. Submarines play such an important part in protecting our country, it is important to honor those who have, will, and those who continue to serve this great nation,” said Brent Trout, Park Director of the Muskogee War Memorial Park.

About the Muskogee War Memorial Park
Since opening in 1972, the Muskogee War Memorial Park: Home of the USS Batfish welcomes over 20,000 visitors per year to see its main attraction, the USS Batfish, a World War II submarine. The USS Batfish holds a wartime record for sinking three enemy submarines in seventy-six hours. Visitors at the Muskogee War Memorial Park can explore the nine compartments of the USS Batfish and experience the secrets of World War II.
  The Muskogee War Memorial Park, at 6 acres, also contains the largest remaining piece of the USS Oklahoma, one of the ships sunk during the attack on Pearl Harbor. Additionally, the Muskogee War Memorial Park contains a 2500 ft2 museum that displays artifacts related to America’s military history. New for 2017, the Muskogee War Memorial Park has also started its overnight program, allowing guests to experience a night onboard a World War II legend. For more information, please visit: warmemorialpark.org.

WHAT:            Tolling of the Boats: Lost Submarine Ceremony
WHERE          Muskogee War Memorial Park, 3500 Batfish Road
WHEN             Saturday, May 13, 11 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.
Cost                Admission (10 am – 12:15): Free
                         Batfish Admission: Adults $7.00|Senior/Vet/Student $5.00|Children $4.00

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