Lake Eufaula Art Festival - October 13

Eufaula is blessed with a thriving art scene as well as being on the shores of the largest lake in Oklahoma.  The arts are a vital part of Eufaula's culture and heritage. Lake Eufaula Art Festival, October 13 (9am-10pm) brings together more artists and musicians together in town than usual.  Events like this make the arts accessible to all no matter their income level or their ethnicity.   The artists and the musicians involved with this festival will present new ideas and experiences that create a vibrant arts community and can change how we view ourselves and the world around us.    Integrating professional festival artists into this community gives hope to local and undeveloped artists who aspire to make a living from their own artistic creations.   This festival continues a long legacy of Eufaula Area Arts Council nurturing arts education in this area.  The co-sponsorship of this festival with the Eufaula Area Chamber of Commerce, the City of Eufaula and many businesses and volunteers influence a better-connected community working in concert.
\r\nOne of the biggest projects Eufaula Area Arts has is the renovation of a WPA building and pool on 6th and Sunset Boulevard.  This site is in disrepair but is very important to this community both present and during the last 75 years.  Locals and tourists find a real significance in preserving the swimming pool and building.  Many would like to see this site renovated and updated to today's standards. 
\r\nThe real worth of the WPA building and pool is not in monetary value but the significance is to the community  as related to cultural traditions, learned skills, memorialized friendships and memories, educational opportunities  and unending recognition.  These are things beyond value but are also reasons people come back to a community or want to live in a community which does have monetary value by increasing the volume of sales tax and even real estate sales.  Renovating this property creates a living legacy for many years to come.
\r\nA vibrant arts community in Eufaula creates a travel destination with a creative and robust community to visit and live in. The arts influence culturally diverse parts of Eufaula to become more tolerant of each other creating a stable, open-minded, healthy and friendly community.

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