Murder Mystery Mixer

Bristow, OK
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Creators of participatory, interactive, murder mysteries,are providing a chance to get all dressed up and be somebody you're not. Participants are given roles to play as we try to solve a murder.

Upon arrival, participants receive details explaining who they are and why he or she is there, along with what they know about other characters and goals for their character to achieve. Information is the key to achieving objectives and solving the murder, so participants should try to talk to everyone. 

A participant may need to reveal information known only to his or her character in order to get information from another character. Each character will also have an ability that gives him or her an advantage against other characters in certain situations. But, in turn, the other characters also have abilities that they may use against you!

If you can hold a conversation, you can do a Murder Mystery Mixer. All in all, it's a fun zany evening.