Marland Grand Home

1000 East Grand Avenue
Ponca City, OK 74601
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E.W. Marland learned the oil business from his law practice in Pennsylvania and had already earned and lost a fortune before coming to Oklahoma in 1908. He and his wife, Virginia, came to Oklahoma with little more than their suitcases and a letter of credit.

His first oil strike was not until 1911 and his fortune began to grow. The Marland Grand Home was under construction from 1914 until 1916 and boasted a central vacuum system, automatic dishwasher and Oklahoma's first indoor swimming pool. When Virginia became ill, central air conditioning was installed. The massive unit cooled only one room, attempting to keep her comfortable.

Today the Grand home has been restored to provide visitors a glimpse of the early lifestyle of an oil baron. It also houses the 101 Ranch Museum, a Native American collection and archeology exhibit and a display by the Daughters of the American Revolution.

The 101 Ranch Museum and Archeology Display features memorabilia from the famous 101 Ranch, and the Wild West Show that the Ranch fostered is exhibited on the lower floor of the Marland Grand Home. Also on the lower level is a display of archeology, significant artifacts and tools.

The Native American Collection is housed on the second floor of the home and is dedicated to an exhibit of Native American artwork, clothing, tools and cultural accoutrements from various tribes.

Separate rooms are devoted to matriarchal and patriarchal displays.

Visit the Marland Grand Home to observe a true historical masterpiece.