Illinois River

Tahlequah, OK 74464

Cutting through the Cherokee Nation of northeast Oklahoma, the Illinois River presents river-goers an opportunity to float the river and test their canoeing skills.  The water sometimes meanders and at times scoots through the craggy bluffs and forested banks of the Illinois and occasionally offers up a sand bar for basking in the sun.
Several outfitters along the 60 miles of picturesque waterway can provide everything you need for any length of float trip.  Many also offer cabins and campsites for overnight guests to complete your Illinois River outdoor experience.  Located just outside Tahlequah, the area also provides many historical Cherokee attractions for visitors plus numerous dining options when the need for something other than campfire cooking arises.

Typical river travel is in a canoe, kayak or raft and seating ranges from one person in a kayak to nine in some rafts, an ideal option for families.  The pristine waterway is generally “friendly” to all; from novice to expert, the Illinois River’s moderate current allows float-trip travelers to enjoy the scenery and water alike.  As always, play it safe and wear a life vest.

For your Illinois River experience check out these outfitters:

Don't think that summer is the only time to enjoy the Illinois River!  The other seasons are pretty special, too, with a serene and lovely environment during winter and bountiful color in the spring and fall.  Any time of year, come enjoy everything the Illinois River has to offer.