Honor Heights Park Butterfly Papilion

1513 North 48th Street
Muskogee, OK 74401
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Take a stroll through the Butterfly Papilion House and Garden at Honor Heights Park in Muskogee and catch a glimpse at dozens of Native Oklahoman butterflies.

Accessible during the blooming months of Spring and Summer, the Butterfly Papilion is a fun, unique experience for visitors of all ages and groups of any size. This immersive experience gives visitors a chance to experience real natural wonders while also being an educational opportunity.

At the Garden Room and Education Center in the Gardens, the Park features a space for special events, seminars, school visits, summer camps, and lectures. This space combines educational opportunity with "once in a blue moon" special event capacity, so you can host everything from a wedding to school field trip at the Butterfly Papilion.

The Butterfly House is arguably the most lucrative space at the Papilion. The open air structure is a natural, protected space for native Oklahoman butterfly species to fly about as visitors get the chance to admire them while getting up close and personal.

The Butterfly Papilion and Garden in Muskogee is an unforgettable experience - plan your visit.