Hominy Osage Round House

Round House Square in Indian Village
Hominy, OK 74035
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The Osage Round House is the only surviving community round house in Osage County and is estimated to be over 100 years old. The historic house was rebuilt in 2017 to preserve the history of the Osage and the symbols of their way of life.

The sixteen sided structure was traditionally used for village activities and traditional events of the Osage Indians such as social gatherings and dances. The design is a unique adaptation from the Plains tipi and is significant to their architectural and social styles. The conical roof opens in the center to allow for ventilation through open doors on opposite ends, and contains a ceremonial bell. 

The restored Osage Round House stands as a continued symbol of the way of life for the Osage and is still used for handgames, holiday gatherings, Council meetings and political gatherings.