Marland Estate

901 Monument Road
Ponca City, OK 74604
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The story that unfolds around the Marland Estate Mansion is one of Power and Position; Triumph and Tragedy; Drama and Dreams; and Aristocracy and the Untamed West. It demonstrates all of the opulence surrounding a baron and the innovation of the man, E.W. Marland, and the era.

The Marland Estate Mansion in Ponca City is well known as the Palace on the Prairie. Built from immense oil-boom earnings during 1925-1928, this National Historic Landmark is an art deco masterpiece. The
Marland Estate Mansion is the manifestation of an oil baron's dream to live in a palace. Built in the style of an Italian Renaissance villa, the 43,561 square foot home reflects all of the opulence of old Europe, but incorporates the most contemporary American technology of the 1920's and 30's.

A guided tour of the mansion showcases to visitors remarkable features such as gold leaf ceilings, artisan painted ceilings, hand carved oak walls, elaborate metal railings, silver wall sconces, Waterford crystals in detailed chandeliers, a buffalo lined elevator, and original furniture and tapestries.

The ceiling in the grand ballroom alone would require over
$2,000,000 to recreate today, and i
nnovations abound throughout the home. It's hard to imagine automatic dishwashers and refrigeration in the 1920's, or a master bath with showerheads spraying from all directions, given the time period.

The restoration and decoration of the mansion has been meticulously accomplished to present an accurate portrayal of the lifestyle of the remarkable E.W. Marland: An oil baron, congressman and governor of Oklahoma who won and lost fortunes and left an immeasurable legacy to Ponca City, Oklahoma, and the world.


Visit the Marland Estate Mansion in Ponca City for its ornate architecture, complex history, and the reminder of Oklahoma’s rich beginnings.