Drumright Historical Museum

301 E Broadway St.
Drumright, OK 74030
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The Drumright Historical Museum preserves the history of Oklahoma’s first great oil discovery. In 1912 at Wheeler farm in Creek County, the largest oilfield in the world for the era began. Once oil was struck, 80,000 people flooded the farm and began to build an oil empire. Overnight, the towns of Drumright, Oilton, and Shamrock were transformed into booming oil towns. A short five years later, the Drumright Field became the oil production capital of the world. 

The Drumright Historical Museum showcases the stories of Drumright’s important oil and cultural history. Visitors will also experience artifacts from a Cherokee medicine man, Dr. Orange Starr, and the story of the museum's founder, Emma E. Akin, and her efforts to promote equal education during segregation.

The Drumright Historical Museum provides an enticing collection of Drumright’s complex history for families, history buffs, and people of all ages.