Creek Council Oak Tree Park

1750 S Cheyenne Avenue
Tulsa, OK 74114

If you're looking for a historical landmark in the heart of Tulsa, visit the Creek Council Oak Tree Park.

At the heart of Creek Council Oak Tree Park sits a landmark that represents Oklahoma's diverse and sometimes tragic history, while also symbolizing a growing future for the state.  The Creek Council Oak Tree was established after the Creek Nation's Turtle Clan (Locvlke) was forced to relocate to Oklahoma from Alabama.  When they arrived, the clan found a large oak tree near the Arkansas River and established that tree as their new ceremonial grounds.  

The tree represents the foundations of the city of Tulsa, and in 1976, the tree was added to the National Register of Historical Places.  The tree is now accompanied by a sculpture created by Creek artist Dan Brook and is depicted in a painting by Mike Larsen which hangs in the Oklahoma State Capitol.

The Creek Council Oak Tree Park represents the original heartbeat of Tulsa and is not something you will want to miss.