Chief Fred Lookout Memorial

3 miles northeast of Pawhuska on Okesa Rd
Pawhuska, OK
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In historic Oklahoma sits Chief Fred Lookout Memorial, a dedication to the influential Chief Fred Lookout of the Osage Tribe.

Chief Fred Lookout came to Osage County, in what is now Oklahoma, 10 years after his birth.  He made the 150-mile journey on foot with his family in 1871.  After attending boarding school in Pawhuska, he graduated from Carlisle Indian School in Pennsylvania.  Upon his return to Oklahoma he married his wife Julia, the daughter of Chief Pawhuska.

Chief Lookout reigns as the longest serving Osage Chief in the history of the tribal Nation.  Lookout, who also served as Assistant Principle Chief prior to his first appointment as Chief in 1913, had a career stretching over 28 total years.
He became Principle Chief of the Osages in 1913, was re-elected in 1916 and again in 1924, when he served for 25 consecutive years until his death in 1949.  Chief Lookout worked tirelessly to ensure that the property interests and mineral rights of the Osage Tribe were retained.
Chief Lookout and his wife Julia are buried atop Lookout Mountain.  A granite stone marks their final resting place, and the hill provides a breathtaking 360 degree view of Osage County.

The short hike up the hill is worth your time to pay your respects at Chief Fred Lookout Memorial.