Center of the Universe

1 S. Boston Avenue
Old Boston Street Bridge, between 1st & 2nd St.
Tulsa, OK 74103

You’ll want to check out this unusual attraction in Oklahoma: It’s the Center of the Universe!

Don’t look for a bricks and mortar structure – you won't find one.
Tulsa’s Center of the Universe is a 30-inch concrete circle located in the center of a much larger brick circle at 20 E. Archer St in the downtown district of Tulsa.  Towering above the Center is a 60-foot tall sculpture called “Artificial Cloud.”
When one stands in the center of the Center of the Universe circle and speaks or makes a noise, it is echoed back several times, yet there are no surrounding structures to cause the echo, and those standing outside the circle hear no echo.  Several explanations have been suggested by theorists, from planters surrounding the area to embedded steel.

No matter your reason for occupying Tulsa, this Oklahoma attraction is worthy of a visit when you visit Tulsa.  You can say you’ve been to the Center of the Universe!