Blue Hole Park

7 miles east of Salina
Salina, OK 74365

Enjoy the refreshingly cool waters at Blue Hole Park in Salina.

During those hot summer days, Blue Hole Park is the ideal swimming hole for wading, floating and swimming.  For star-gazers, tent camp sites are avialable for those desiring to overnight.

The fantastic destination of Blue Hole Park has many features, including:
  • Shallow waters
  • Wildlife, including crawfish
  • RV and tent camp sites
  • 4 cabins and one rental RV
  • Concession stand
Little ones will have a great time in the shallow waters of the swimming hole, where they can catch crawfish in the blue waves.  For those who want to stay overnight, the Blue Hole Park offers two large cabins and two small cabins for comfortable overnight stays.  If you'd rather kick it on your own, the Park also provides camp sites for RVs and tents so that visitors can setup their own overnight gear.

No matter how you choose to stay, the Park features a concession stand with fan-favorite foods such as hot dogs and hamburgers to keep everyone happy with bellies full.

The Blue Hole Park is a fresh wave of fun for visitors of all ages.