Admiral Twin Drive-In Theater

7355 E. Easton St.
Tulsa, OK 74115
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The Admiral Twin Drive-In Theater, an icon in Tulsa history, provides a nostalgic way of viewing first-run movies.

Don’t feel like wearing shoes? Not a problem, unless, of course, you want to make your way to the concession stand for a tasty burger or sweet treat.  At the Admiral Twin Drive-In Theater, stay seated in your car, crank the radio up, tune into the right station, and relax in front of the nine-story dual movie screens, shooting above and beyond the standard seven-story IMAX screens.  The Drive-In Theater will take you back to another time, even as you watch brand-new films.
It’s dinner and a movie, sort of “al fresco.”  A fully staffed kitchen-dubbed-concession dishes out burgers and treats for a full-service experience.  Great family fun or a special night out, the Admiral Twin Drive-In can certainly fill the bill.

A fun, nostalgic time in Northeast Oklahoma's Green Country, the Admiral Twin Drive-In Theater is a unique night of fun for all who visit, and it will leave you coming back for a great time, every time.