Mar 20, 2021 - 21, 2020 - Queensferry RenaissanceFestival
Phone: 918.639.3255
Time: 10am- 6pm
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Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Hear Ye, His Grace James Fifth By That Name, Defender of the faith, King of the Mighty Scots, and heir to the Throne of England does wish it to be known that all subjects are invited to his Annual Spring Festival to be held March 20-21 in Vinita, Ok at Queensferry Renaissance Festival, Oklahoma’s Little Scotland. His Grace has ordered the city gates to be opened as the towns folk prepare for thus most Royal visit. His grace has ordered all of the Kingdoms finest Merchants to bring their wares to market where he himself may inspect thy wares. I can assure you there will be music and entertainment for all with some of the best and most loved entertainers from all over the known world. The air is sure to be filled with all the magnificent smells as the various eateries prepare there delectable goods. It is rumored, by a reliable source from inside the castle walls of Falkland Palace, where his grace has resided during this time of plaque, that our Dowager Queen, the Lustrous Margaret Tudor, shall meet His Grace here in Queensferry. That’s not the end of it, Scotland’s favorite daughter, the Dowager Queens Only other living offspring, the Kings half sister. Lady Margaret Douglas will also be here (as it is rumored the Tyrant Henry VIII has once again banned her from his presence – no doubt it is due to her “matters of the Heart”) to great His Grace. Never has Queensferry ever hosted so much Royalty at one time. With our Spring Festival comes a hope that thy Plague shall soon be vanquished from our Realm. Festival Hours are 10am-6 pm March 20-21, 2021. Tickets can be purchased at the gate. We will adhere to county and state guidelines as well as the CDC concerning Covid-19. Masks/face coverings are strongly encouraged. For more information follow us on Instagram or check us out on Facebook at #QFRF. Website is You may also reach the business office at 918-639-3255. Festival address 438415 E Highway 60 Vinita, Ok 74301. Business office address 7845 North 68th west ave Sperry, Ok 74073 God Save the King, Long Live the Queen Mother

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