Mar 21 - 22, 2020 - Queensferry Renaissance Festival

Phone: 918-639-3255
Time: 10am-6pm
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Step back in to 1540 Queensferry Scotland. Winter has ended, and the village is just starting to come to life as they have received word that the peoples King, James V, is due to visit Queensferry as he makes progress to St. Andrews. It is rumored that her Majesty Margaret Tudor, the Kings Own Queen Mother-our Dowager Queen, will be on progress with his Majesty. In preparation for the Crowns Visit a festival has been planned. All the lands greatest artisans will come to the market to present their handcrafted wares. Bards and Storytellers will take thy stage and entertain one and all. Be sure and visit Mother Ems in the children’s realm as she entertains the wee lads and lasses. Beware for their might just be a pirate or two lurking around that just may be up to no good. Alas I nearly forgot.... Mermaids are rumored to be in the water nearby. Ah yes also spend time with our villagers as they present many living history demonstrations. Queensferry Renaissance Festival strives to educate Northeast Oklahoma and surrounding area on the culture and History of Renaissance Scotland. Hope to see you all In Queensferry!!!

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