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Nowata Chamber of Commerce
126 S. Maple, 74048
(918) 273-2301
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Nowata became one of the communities along route that the Iron Mountain Railroad completed in 1889.  The rail through Indian Territory  set  stations every six miles - apprximately the distance  a man could walk in a day.  The route ran between the Kansas and Arkansas borders.   The Cherokee town of Nowata was  established  in 1892 and  incorporated in 1904.  The  name “Nowata” is a misspelling of a Delaware Indian word “Noweata” meaning “Welcome”.

Following the discovery of oil and gas in the late 1890’s and early 1900’s, Nowata became  a boom town, growing in population.  Today the community still "welcomes" visitors to stay and play.

Places to visit are -

  • Green Country Showcase Country Music Show - 918-273-2301
  • Glass Mansion (appointment only) - 918-273-1191
  • Nowata County Historical Museum - 918-273-1191
  • Historic Train Depot - 918-273-2500
  • Presbyterian Church - 918-273-2301

Nowata is one of the Oklahoma towns to participate in the KAN-OKLA 100 Mile Yard Sale in September.
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