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Sallisaw Chamber of Commerce
301 E. Cherokee , 74955
(918) 775-2558
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If you are looking for places to visit and things to see and do in Oklahoma you must see Sallisaw.  You will find historical sites incuding some of the Cherokee Tribe; fun festivals, attractions, casinos, delicious food and good accommodations.

Sallisaw, County seat of Sequoyah County, is located at the edge of the famed Cookson Hills to the north and the navigation channel of the Arkansas River to the south. Its name is from the French “salisiau” meaning “salt provision.” Indians, early settlers, explorers and trappers were familiar with the natural salt deposits found in many nearby streams.

In 1820 some Cherokee Indians migrated from Georgia and in 1838-39 the remainder of the tribe was forced-marched over the “Trail of Tears” to what is now Oklahoma. The southern–most land assigned to them is the present Sequoyah County area. When Oklahoma was granted statehood in 1907 the county was named Sequoyah in honor of the famous Cherokee educator.

“The Grapes of Wrath” author, John Steinbeck, used Sallisaw as the starting point for “Okies” fleeing to California to escape the “dust bowl” drought days. Actually the eastern part of Oklahoma has always been wooded and picturesque; it was western Oklahoma where the dry, flat land and blowing winds created the “dust bowl.”

Charles “Pretty Boy” Floyd and other notorious outlaws who used the rugged and inaccessible Cookson Hills to hideout in the 1930s would surely marvel at the four-lane interstate highway, the diesel trains and the barge traffic on the Arkansas River that now connect Sallisaw with the world.

Present-day Sallisaw is an expanding center for commerce and tourism. 

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Whether you're looking for activities or just want to relax, it all begins and ends in Sallisaw!

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