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Checotah Chamber of Commerce
201 North Broadway, 74426
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Nestled in Eastern Oklahoma, the town of Checotah was born in 1872 after the war, when M.K.&T Railroad came through the territory, and was named after Samuel Checote, a principal Creek Chief.   Farming and ranching played an important role in our heritage, and in the 1830s the Texas Road, which Highway 69 follows, was an important trail for shipment of cattle and sheep.

During the 1830s-40s, the Five Civilized Tribes were relocated from the east of the Mississippi to Indian Territory. The area around Checotah became the home of the Creek Nation.  The Civil War disrupted life in Indian Territory, and on July 17, 1863, the Battle of Honey Springs was fought just northeast of Checotah. The battle was a decisive victory for Union forces.

With the railroad, Checotah became the gateway to fertile Creek grazing lands and a railhead for shipment of agricultural products. Even though the trains don't stop anymore and the depot is now a museum, farming and ranching are still important to Checotah. 

Our heritage lives on in

  • Pow-Wows
  • Reenactments
  • Festivals
  • Rodeos

"Steerwrestling Capital of the World" is now Checotah's byline, thanks to our many rodeo champions.

Join us in Checotah... "A town so colorful Wrangler named a whole line of shirts after it!"

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